Friday, July 8, 2011

A Mud Storm

Victoria informed me that the storm we had the other night was a Mud Storm...not a Dust Storm or a Rain Storm! was a Mud Storm and this is the proof!

Only in AZ can you have a Dust Storm as thick as fog and rain at the same time.
It makes the dirtiest mess.  Everything is coated with dust.  The streets, the side walks.  Everyones car...except our neighbor who doesn't have anything better than to wash his car every single morning!  No kidding.  Usually your vehicle looks out of place if it is the only one that looks like you went mud womping on the way to the grocery store.  But our neighbors car looked out of place being the only polished vehicle in a 20 mile radius.

And don't bother washing it because there is more to come.  They even closed the airport due to NO visibility.  Living in the desert is definately interesting.

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Katherine said...

That is a mess, yuck! It would not be a good thing if you were caught outdoors in it. That is funny about your neighbor cleaning his car every morning.