Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flash Back!

My cousin Kathy posted this picture of us on her blog so I swiped it. 
I remember this day, (I think we were at Redondo Beach, Calif.) because I didn't really want to wear the same thing that my sister was wearing and I didn't want my hair in two pony tails.  I wanted it down like Kathy's and my mother said "no, it will get tangled if you leave it down."  So up it went.  Kind of reminds me of every Sunday morning that Victoria protests and insists on her "One Pony Tail MOM". 
I remember that I had bought one of those black velvet posters that you color in with markers.  I think Kathy and Kim got one too.  I remember having to walk around the pier with that ocean breeze blowing and my poster was like a sail ready to fly to new places.
I pointed out to Victoria Aunt Kathy, Auntie Kim, and Uncle Rich. And she chimed in pointing to me adding "Daphne".  I think the glasses and the hair make her think that.
We always had good times when we were together.
I never felt singled out and the youngest when we were together.  They always included me in and didn't ditch me like the other cousins would do.
I love them.
I would give anything to be at the ocean right now.

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Katherine said...

If you go to the ocean, please take me along, promise? We did have good times. I was wondering what we had in those bags, I loved those posters. I am amazed at how much you remember. Did you notice that I was the tallest and then ALL of you shot up over my head?