Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daphne's Graduation! May 27th, 2011

These are just a couple of cute little crazy girls enjoying themselves.

 Oh, this is so late on being posted!
But....better late then never!
Daphne has graduated at the head of her class.  Heehee.  I can say that since she was Homeschooled for 14 years.  Wow...what a journey.  14 years. 
Would I do it again?  You bet.  In fact, we have 12 more years to go.
One down......three to go!
Okay, enough of that.  Daphne's Graduation was wonderful.  There was a lot of cheering and clapping.  We even broke a few tears here and there. 
Daphne and her friends Susanna and Emily 

We are so proud of her.  The ceremony consisted of 150 graduates that came from all over Arizona and who a part of Arizona Families for Home Educators.  We feel so blessed to feel supported by our state to include a real graduation ceremony for Homeschoolers.  The two student speakers were incredible.  They displayed more speaking ability and charisma than some professors at a college graduation that we had recently attended.  AZ Congressman Trent Franks spoke of the commitment and sacrifices that we make to homeschool our children and all the benefits that go with it.  It was such a relief to have the support and encouragement that so many of us need to continue.  It cracked me up when he spoke of a list of about 50 things that explained that "You know you are a homeschooler when...".  I wish I could remember them all.  The only one that comes to mind is "You know you are a homeschooler when the fuzz on rotten fruit in the fridge is actually a science experiment". 

 Daphne and her art teacher Larry, Daphne and Pastor Phil and Abby
The Askins family, Paul, Dana, Erin and Simon with Daphne.  Simon fell asleep. 
They came from New Mexico to see Daphne graduate.
Daphne and her Poppa, Daphne and her Momma or Torturer,
Daphne and all her grandparents, Daphne and her cousin Kyle.

It was very exciting to actually be at this point in all of our lives.  I am mostly excited for Daphne.  She has plans to major in Art and will be attending College full time in the Fall.
We are very proud of her.

Long ago when we were choosing Daphne's name before she was born, we did the "graduation" test.  You know the test...right?
Well, I am happy to say that it passed the test way back in 1992.
  It sounded awesome in 2011!

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Katherine said...

These are awesome photos, she looks so happy. I love the picture of her with you and her grandparents. Pam, you did awesome. There should be some kind of recognition for the mothers/teachers. I am so impressed with your commitment and dedication. That is a huge accomplishment, for both of you. Congratulations Pam and Daphne.