Saturday, March 31, 2012

Circle C Beginnings

 Victoria has been busy reading through the
Circle C Beginnings series
about a little girl named Andi who lives on a
cattle ranch. 
I think that this little girl and Victoria have a lot in common.
As it teaches lessons in character throughout the story
it also teaches about the time period.
Victoria has identified with this little girl frequently
getting really quiet and hiding a smile when
she reads something that Andi did that she has experienced
as well.  It is actually kind of funny. 
I don't have to bring any of it to her attention,
she reads it for herself and identifies with it
knowing if she made a good choice or not.
I love that the books are good wholesome reading.
When we were packing to move, Victoria and I came across the other kids
soda pop horses that they had made long ago during
co-op when we were working through a curriculum called
the History of the Horse by Beautiful Feet Curriculum.
She wanted really bad to make one for herself,
so I told her when we got settled,
she could make one...or two.
Now, the part of the story that we all reflected on was that when the
kids were making their horses long ago,
I was pregnant with Victoria and in labor the day that we met for co-op.
Our kids, the Lowe's and the Darts were all sitting
at the table assembling their horses. 
Chrissy had brought a big bucket of soy beans,
which I have no idea where she got so many.
The kids were pouring the beans into the feet to
weight the horses down with so they don't fall over.
The funny part was when I would hear the beans hit the floor.
Here I am in the middle of labor, having to stop
frequently for the contractions to pass, determined to
get a co-op day in,(it is amazing what you do with your 4th)
and everytime I heard the beans hit the floor I would
have to take a big breath and tell myself
"I will just vaccum them up later"
Of course it was mostly my kids spilling the beans
as they bounced and skittered all over the kitchen floor.
They didn't care, they were kids. And it was funny listening
to the beans hit the floor.  I was on the edge of freaking
out over spilled beans.  I DID NOT want to give birth
and return to a messy, bean infested house!
I remember I was thinking that I just couldn't stand the beans
hitting the floor anymore when I heard  it again.....
I turned around and my eyes met sweet Emily's,
she looked at me like
oh, no,
I had to smile and laugh.
We got it all cleaned up, kids bathed, bags packed,
and shipped to friends house in time
for Kirk and I to make it to the hospital for
Victoria to be born.
I just remember feeling so tired when she was born
and then remembered,
oh yeah, we did co-op today!

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Katherine said...

You are so funny. We are so so much's really wired but exciting.