Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our First Official Snow Day!

We started the day just like any Thursday.
Excited because it was Co-op today.
And PJ day.
Though Victoria was the only one brave enough to wear her PJ's to co-op.
We have lots of PJ days just not outside PJ days.
Everything was going as it usually does until
Jared comes back into the house from outside with a
baffling question.
"Okay, so how am I supposed to get the trash barrels
unstuck from the ground!!!???"
"Yeah, how am I supposed to put the trash out if I can't get it
unstuck from the ground!??"
I have to admit, we have never quite encountered this one before.
So then, I get a phone call that we need to cancel co-op today
because there is just too much snow falling.
With an 80% chance of snow all day until tomorrow afternoon
we thought it best for everyone to just stay home for the day.
Some of our families drive a little far.
I would hate for something to happen to them.
we are home for the day!
Hmmmm, what can I get done!

 Victoria and Kaleb played a game of chess and
then ventured outside to play in all this Snow!
 Sammy loves the snow.
Henry just wanted to eat it.
He gets excited when  you run the ice machine on the fridge too.
Victoria has decided that she wants to build her own quincy like what the boys slept in.
I never heard of avalanche shovels before.
The boys used it on their trip.
Victoria loves it because it is just her size.
 It amazes me how the kids can be outside for 2 hours and not get cold.
The dogs have been in and out.
They get cold and come in to warm up in front of the portable heater
and then out they go again.
This is funny.
Kaleb is throwing snowballs for the dogs to chase.
Sam will literally go to where it plopped into the snow and
then pick up a mouthful of snow
to run with.  He pretty much eats it half way back to Kaleb with
no recollection of where the snowball went.
I don't think he even notices.
Or cares.
 Victoria built her own snow shelter with Kaleb's help.
She used the chair.
It is a little hard to see the snow piled up.
A little bright.
 You can just barely see her face under the chair with her legs sticking out to the right.
Love'n the Snow!

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Katherine said...

The kids look so happy and I must add the dogs do too. It makes me happy to see the joy in the children's faces. I hope your parents can see this.