Saturday, March 31, 2012

Court of Honor

You gotta love boys....
who grow up to be men.....
At the Court of Honor in early March
the troop was celebrating their 101st Birthday as Troop 1.
It is the oldest troop west of the Mississippi and they
take great pride in that, doing everything to uphold their reputation.
Anyway, when it was time to cut the cake you would have thought
there was going to be a stampede.
And they all had their opinions as to how and which way to cut the cake.

This isn't the whole troop.
But as you can see Jared and Cameron are a head taller than all the kids.
Cameron nicknamed Jared "Arizona".
He calls Kaleb "Little Arizona".
It is kind of funny but the name has stuck.
This is a really good troop with a great group of boys and leaders.
Almost ALL of the Dad's are involved.  Even Kirk.
The three of them have made some great friendships.
They come home on Tues. nights after the meeting,
always late, and very energized, excited, happy and talkative.
I love it when my boys are happy.
Oh, I am always on Jared for always having his hands in his pockets
and I give up because three quarters of the boys that were standing up in front had
their hands in their pockets.
I guess it is a "guy thing".

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Katherine said...

I am so glad that everyone is enjoying the troop...that is quiet the "brag" rights...belonging to the oldest troop west of the Mississippi. I think it fits your family just perfect with your homeschooling goals. Isn't is nice when you can join a group of people and they are excepting of you and make you part of their "family"? I also am glad that everything has been worked out with the badges.