Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter is on it's way!

I am very proud of my new Easter wreath.
I sold so much of everything before we moved that when I went to
pull out springy decor, there wasn't much left.
And what was left was not much appealing either.
So I hammered the idea for quite a while because there
is an intense lack of funds for us right now.
Hmmm, how can I get a new wreath for the door
without spending money.
This cost 3 dollars.
Kirk practically had to dumpster dive for a pice of styrofoam.
Once he cut it, and sanded the edges....what a guy,
The rest was pretty easy.
I even had a remnant piece of ribbon.
I think it turned out beautiful.
I love turning something worn out and dirty into something beautiful.
That is what Jesus does with us,
He takes all of our souls and washes us clean
making us pure white
so I figured that this wreath is very appropriate for the season.

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Katherine said...

I was is adorable. I love finding things around the house and making decor out of it. You always do a wonderful, creative job. You are amazing in so many ways.