Saturday, March 31, 2012

Walk along Logan River

Way back at the beginning of the month,
March 4 to be exact,
we took the dogs for a walk along the Logan River after Church.

 It is hard to believe that there was moss growing on this downed log.
This has to be the healthiest moss I have ever seen.
 Victoria is very proud of herself.
She convinced us that she could manage a dog.
Though we had to wait until he got the crazies out before we let her walk him.
Then he was so sluggish I thought we were going to have to attach
wheels and pull him along.
I guess that is the Basset Hound in him.
 Proof that they were all there.
There is just something about being outside with rushing water nearby
that can bring peace to any moment.
But only if the kids and the dogs about half a mile ahead of you
will there be peace.
Otherwise it is just chaos.
Winter is so pretty.

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Katherine said...

It makes me smile to see all that your family has been enjoying since your move to Logan, the activities, friends and newness of life. I have enjoyed hearing of each new experience. I only wish I were closer to enjoy more of it with you. I love you guys.