Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ballet Class

Victoria had her first ballet class today and was floating in seventh heaven! On the way in she kept saying "I can't believe I get to do ballet!" She has been asking for quite some time. Timing is everything. I think she will really appreciate the opportunity to be in this class. Her Nana and Poppa blessed her with the whole outfit for Christmas. She looked so cute along side all of the other little girls, smiling every minute. She was so excited about her big day that she was out of bed this morning at 5:45 wanting to know when she could get dressed in her leotard. I love it. Such enthusiasm! Now if I could just bottle it for when she is 15!


Katherine said...

What an adorable ballerina. I remember taking ballet and tap when I was young. I loved it and wished I could have kept it up. The only thing I ever thought I would want to be when I grew up was a ballerina.

Carol said...

I love your blog. And your family picture is beautiful. I remember when Kathy took Ballet. She was so cute as Victoria is.