Friday, January 22, 2010

Victoria's Box

We gave Victoria a big paper mache box to paint for Christmas to put her American Girl doll clothes into. She thought about it for a couple days and then said that she wanted to paint "the sky with a city". It took Daphne and I a little while to figure out what exactly she was talking about. Between my direction and her painting it turned out beautiful. She completely painted the sky and the houses on her own. I just out lined everything and painted the sun that she drew. We worked on it for several days which is an accomplishment for a 5 year old. I think she was getting tired of it moving slowly. Waiting for paint to dry when you are 5 is f-o-r-e-v-e-r!
I wanted to be able to mark it somehow with her she told me the things that she loves and I wrote them around the edge of the lid. She had so many things that I wasn't sure if they were all going to fit.
I love how it turned out. I am pleased with myself that I actually was able to step back and let her paint it how she was painting. It is so hard to do that sometimes. Now we just need to wait for it to warm up enough to spray seal it.


Katherine said...

I love the box, is it pretty big? You are the best Pam. I am always so impressed with what you do with your children. They are lucky to have you as their mother, and I really mean that.

Carol said...

Gosh, that was a big job and they are so beautiful. Good job Victoria.