Friday, January 1, 2010


For Christmas Victoria asked Santa for a "boy barbie". Santa was so awesome that he was able to just throw it in his bag and have it for her when she woke up. It was a little shakey though, her brother said only good little girls get what they want. Other ones get coal. She was really worried that she was getting coal in her stocking for her behavior. She is a very willful child. Nothing that we can't handle but boy is it hard keeping ahead of. ANYWAY....Her barbies really needed some new clothes. I was looking through the barbie box and noticed that all of the clothes were from when I was little(completely 70's) and from when Daphne was little. And of course I didn't like anything that is out there to purchace. So I sewed her some 1950's patterns that I had. What a great way to use up all of those scrap pieces of fabric. Of course now she has a long list just thinking that I can whip them out in a jiffy. I have to say that they turned out really cute. And normal! No mid-drif showing. She is only 5. What 5 year old needs a doll with teenager clothing. Victoria named her boy barbie "Junior". That name has been an imaginary friend of hers for quite a while. It drives Jared crazy. Well onto another project.


Katherine said...

Pam, I am so dang impressed. Are those hard to sew, being so tiny? Those cloths are great, what a lucky little girl.

Carol said...

You are awesome. Those clothes are wonderful.