Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

It's about time that it rain in Phoenix! It has rained all week and we absolutely are loving it. It rained almost a whole 24 hours yesterday. The down side is flash flood warnings. That we could do without. I had to drive Daphne to her Sign Language class yesterday and then take Victoria to Ballet class on the way home. We felt like Winnie the Pooh when the 100 acre wood flooded. I wish I had the camera with me to catch Victoria in her ballet outfit with a heavy jacket and pink Hello Kitty rain boots that she wears all year even during the summer. She finally got to actually wear them for what they were meant to be used for. Just lovin the weather! Soon it will be bright sunshine...we'll be lovin that too!


Katherine said...

I love that picture, perfect. I have been hearing about your weather down there. I also saw all of the snow in Flagstaff. We have been getting lot of snow.

Carol said...

I was going to write the same thing as Kathy, I love that picture. It is perfect. Becareful with those flash floods.