Friday, January 1, 2010

Great Christmas Book

If you want to read a great book to read as a family during the Christmas Season, this is the book. I heard about it and got it with the intention that we would read it before Christmas. It never happened. It took us three nights to read it after Christmas. We couldn't put it down. Even Victoria sat through it and listened. I don't want to tell you any details because you have to just trust me that it is very well written and will make you cry. I couldn't cry because I was the reader. I didn't want to be sobbing through the words. It really grips your heart and makes you think. That's all I am going to say. Just read it.


Katherine said...

I am not joking, I almost got that book for you. I had never read it though, and so thought I better not get a book I don't know is good or not. I want one now.

Carol said...

I will have to get it and read it.