Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

We celebrated Kaleb's birthday today! He's 10! I can't believe our sweet little boy is almost a teen! EEEK! I know, we have plenty of time! He spent the whole day before with my parents at the Science Museum, and then to dinner....and then a little shopping. He came home with this really cool robot that he has had his eye on for quite a few years. He was pretty happy. He even waited until the day of his birthday to open the box. What will power....(oh yeah, I forgot, we have alot of that in our house.)
Nothing like eating ice cream sundaes out of snoopy dog bowls with your kid sister. He is a great big brother and a great little brother! He knows exactly which one of Daphne's buttons to push that day. How he knows that I have no idea! I think he is a natural. I believe his father did the very thing to his sister growing up. Hmmm the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....
We had dinner at Kaleb's favorite place to eat. Souper Salad. Okay, mine too. I am always happy when it is Kaleb's day to pick where to eat. He chooses my favorite every time. The kids took a picture with our favorite waitress over the years. Her name is Shamoon. She is polynesian. We met her when Jared was just a tiny baby. When I was pregnant with Kaleb we would see her atleast once a month. That is when Souper Salad was affordable with kiddos eating free and all. Now it is almost an arm and a leg just to eat salad. I don't get it. Anyway, everytime we see her it is like seeing an old friend. She is a very nice lady. Very wise. So whenever she would see the kids she would just keep saying it was a matter of time before they grow taller than her. I remember when her daughter was 16 and learning how to drive and now she is 26 years old. The thought of a 16 year old just felt so far away. Not any more. I found this picture of Kaleb when he was only 3. He is still as cute as he was way back then. And still as skinny! He is a lean, mean, fighting machine who wouldn't hurt a fly. Hee hee. It is hard to believe that he is 10. He will always be our little guy.

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Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Kaleb. Wow! 10. That is neat about your "favorite waitress" Shamoon. I love salad and sandwiches and I think I have been to a Souper Salad and I remember it being really good. I thought, "What a great idea". Have you ever been to a "The Green Tomato"? That is really good.