Friday, November 4, 2011


I know what you are thinking.
You have time to bake?
No, I didn't.  But when a certain little someone has been living in a world of chaos since our home was broken into at the end of July, I couldn't put her off any longer.
So Sat. morning while the boys were having a garage sale in 32 degree weather, Victoria and I were snug as a bug baking pumpkin cookies in front of the oven.
She had borrowed a book from the library
(did I mention that the library is out the back gate across the alfalfa field?)
that had these cookies in them.
She wouldn't let anyone eat one until Aunt Carol came for her visit. 
It was killing her waiting.  She kept asking when Aunt Carol would be coming.
And then I think they were gone in less than an hour.
It was a small batch.
Later that night we met up with Kathy and all of her kids, and my Aunt and cousin Rich at The Green Canyon Corn Maze just down the street from us that was 20 acres.
I made Victoria promise that she wouldn't say a word about going home because it was a haunted maze that particular night.  She had begged to come.
We had a great time.  It was pitch black outside and people in horrible masks kept jumping out from no where or following you down the aisle to where it lead I don't know.
My cousin Rich kept running up ahead and then hiding and jumping out at us to scare us. Or he would be walking along and literally throw himself into the corn field and dissappear among the stalks.
 It was really funny.  I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time.
I would have been completely lost but Kirk had a map of the maze. 
It was bigger than what they provided at the booth. 
And then I heard him tell someone that he had taken their google map and
photoshopped it so he could see it better. The reason for that was because he and the boys had already done the maze earlier in the week with the Boy Scout troop and they were completely lost
and kept running in circles. 
The scariest thing that messed with your mind was the freaky guy that had a chain saw.
I think that is what sent Kaleb over the edge.  He then wanted to leave and pretty much held onto my arm and kept his eyes shut the remainder of the time.
Now, Victoria? She would just keep walking straight and saying
You know you're not real.......
I will have to steal a picture of the group shot Kathy has before we went in.
We had so much fun.

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Katherine said...

I have been wanting to make sugar cookies, those look delicious.