Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moving Day

October 15th, 2011
  The day we have been waiting for. 
 The day it all happens. 
A day of sadness and total excitement. 
The first day of the rest of our lives!
Our little home of 17 years.
There are so many memories that are embedded within the walls of this house. 
Memories that we will just have to bring with us.
On the flip side...I am so happy to not have to fix another thing on this house!
I am so happy to MOVE ON!!!
We are so blessed.  My sister Kim drives for Knight Transportation. 
She arrived early Sat. morning to help us load all of our worldly posessions into her truck.  She offered to drive it to our new home in Logan, Utah.
I don't really know how we would have done it without her. 
My heart skipped a beat when I saw her turn the corner onto our street.
It brought tears to my eyes. It was pretty cool to see her coming down the street in this enormous diesel truck.  The very sister I grew up with and played Barbies with when we were little.
My sister, the truck driver.
My Mom brought breakfast and lunch for all of our workers. 
We had homeschool and church friends and neighbors help us load the truck.
The kids later told us that moving day was a great day and a lot of fun.
There was quite a bit of laughter, playing and kidding around that took place.
I had everything boxed to try to make it easier for all our helpers.
We couldn't have done it without them.
It was so hot.  We took two lunch breaks and drank quite a bit of water with the temperatures in the high 90's to low 100's.
Something that is pretty much going to be a thing in the past....hot and sweaty.

Everything fit... from the refridgerator to the potter's wheel.
One of the delimmas that came with using my sister's truck was the fact that it came without a ramp.
She just backs up to loading docks and never needs a ramp.
After some thought, Kirk and my Dad collaborated and my Dad built a ramp, that my Mom said
"you can launch a rocket off it".
My Dad, the tool and die maker.
That ramp was so sturdy. 
We ran up and down it all day with boxes and furniture and it never shook!
Thanks Dad. 
Before moving day Kirk was sure that it would only take about 3 hours to load the trailer.
HA...it  literally took 7 1/2 hours.
Unbelieveable I know!
It was hot and everything needed to be stacked and secured.
The BFF girls!
Or should I say crazy.  They found plenty to do while we loaded the trailer.

 We were exhausted that night.
We all slept in our living room that night on the floor and watched the Pirates of the Carribean on my laptop.
I think I fell asleep after the first 15 minutes.
We had a big day ahead of us driving 14 hours north with two cats in carriers and two dogs.
Kim and Kyle left ahead of us and will meet us in Logan on Monday morning sometime.
God's hands are in this move.
I can't wait to see what he has planned for the rest of our lives.

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Katherine said...

Awesome photos Pam, great memories. Bitter/sweet! Kim is awesome. Love all of you.