Friday, November 4, 2011

Girl's Birthday

Just 4 days after we moved to Logan, we celebrated Victoria's 7th birthday
and just 5 days after that we celebrated Daphne's 19th birthday.
Between unpacking and trying desperately to find some sort of normalcy, whatever that is, we drove into Logan Canyon to catch a final glimpse of the Fall colors.
It felt like being in Wonderland.
It was beautiful. 
That night we had heard that there was a Pumpkin Walk just East of where we are living and it started that night.'s free.
Yeah, what the heck, lets go.  It's free.  Probably cute for the kids.  The little one.  Yeah, we can do that.
We had heard that there was a place to park and that they shuttle you up in buses. 
Okay.  We all pile into the van in the dark.  Victoria is preparing for a drive so she grabs her brand new pillow pet!
We barely drive around the corner from our house and we see people parking in the school parking lot and a bus with people lined up to get in.
Okay, so we laugh at that one that the whole even takes place just walking distance from our house.
So we take the van back to the house and walk to the corner and board a bus.
Daphne thought it was fun to ride on a public bus and wanted our friend Suzan to know that we did it.  She's from Jersey.  (I think that is supposed to explain it all).
We get there and there is this huge line with tons of families standing in the cold waiting to see this
Pumpkin Walk.
We are still not quite sure what it is all about, but we are at the park, people watching.....
We couldn't believe our eyes.
These aren't just pumpkins.
The theme was My Favorite Things, and the artists who were just families, schools, individuals, amateurs and professionals created these scenes using pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. 
They were so unbelieveably realistic. 
We had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it.
I think Calvin and Hobbes was our favorite. 
Especially the snowman scene.
 The back drops were really well painted.
It was so nice to see quality work. 
Yeah, you could make the statement that these people have way too much time on their hands.  But, I think it is more that these people who participated are very creative and talented people who had an idea and went with it.
Hmmm.  Sounds like my family.
 There was this one scene of Gilligans Island.
The faces were amazing.
Here's the Skipper.

 I love this last picture.
It is really a blackmail picture for Jared.
I talked him into it.  He didn't want to.  I had to wait for him to FINALLY put his head up to the HOLE!
He wasn't cooperating.
I love it still.  I think it fits their personalities very well.


Katherine said...

What is important, is that they shared there talents with others putting a smile on the people's faces. Time to serve is better than time being busy.

Carol said...

You guys are so awesome. I love you and I am so happy for you and your move to a new life.