Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our First Snow!

We set out Friday for Ogden, just an hour away.
Kirk had a resume for some freelance that he wanted to give an architectural firm.
We only made it a mile from our destination when the van completely quit.
Somehow we made it to the extremely narrow one, and called our insurance company for a tow.  I had to laugh when the young man on the other end asked if I had any passengers with me.
Yes, there are 6 of us ..........and.........two dogs!
The guy said Oookaayyy, I might need to call you a taxi as well.
Well, the tow truck was just big enough for us and the two dogs to cram into the cab.  We were all practically sitting on top of eachother.
In the mean time I had called my dear ol' Dad for a diagnosis. 
My hands were a little trembly due to the spot that we were stopped at.  There were huge trucks whizzing past us shaking the van.  I was really nervous but didn't want the kids to pick up on it.
Really, I just wanted to burst into tears but decided to just "suck it up" instead.
So when I heard my Dad's voice I nearly lost it.  I was a little choked but managed to keept it together.
Everything ended up being fine.  We were towed to "Kirk's Auto Care".  Can't beat a name like that.
It was a dirty air flow sensor from the ding dong at Jiffy Lube who didn't seat the air filter properly in Sept!
These were honest guys with a family fun business.
What a relief!
On the way back over the hill from Ogden to Logan, it poured rain.
Then it completely switched.  It was a more silent rain and Victoria said it looked like we were on Space Mountain at Disneyland.  In pitch black we were driving into a snow flurry.  The way the flakes were coming at us, and the way the headlights hit the flakes, it was like we were in a tunnel of lights.
It was really cool but was making me car sick!  Uugh!
Right about then my cousin Kathy called to say it was snowing at her house in Malad.
I had to tell her that we weren't home and that we were driving thru the pass and that it was snowing!
We are loving the weather.
We woke to 2 inches of snow this morning and the boys and Victoria have been outside for the past 3 hours playing in it with the young girl next door, Emily.  They seem to be having a blast and haven't called it quits yet even though I am sure they will come in drenched.
The dogs were estatic when they saw the snow.
They loved ice cubes when we lived in Phoenix.
I think they saw each flake of snow as an ice cube. They spent all their time eating snow this morning. It was pretty funny to watch. 
I just heard that Victoria found a piece of cardboard and is trying to slide on the front lawn.
We are definately from Arizona.
I wonder if it is obvious?

Victoria was out before the sun was shining through.
 They used up all the snow in our yard so they continued their snow ball fight with Emily next door, who is 12, in her yard.  Last I saw they were busy in the front yards and
Victoria was in the back of Kirk's truck getting handfulls to throw. 
She may be 7 but can hold her own with the older kids.
It makes me so happy that they are able to safely spend so much time outside just playing with a neighbor.
Things are different here, and I am so thankful that we followed the Spirit with this move.

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Katherine said...

I love the picture of the kids in the truck. What a day! I am so happy that all of you are so happy. And in reference to your last sentence.....ME TOO! That is how life should be,happy and full of joy. Enjoyed my visit with your cute family. Thank you