Friday, November 4, 2011


Monday, October 17th.
I decided to run to the grocery store before everyone was up to grab something for breakfast and lunch.  I knew that Kim and Kyle were coming with the truck sometime late that morning.
I got a call when I was at the checkout.
Hi Pam.
Hi Kim, how are you?
Good.  What are you doing?
Just getting stuff at the store for us to eat today.  What are you doing?
About to pull up to your front door.
Oh My Gosh! I will be right there! It will only take me a minute!

You never know how the neighbors will react when someone new pulls up into the neighborhood. 
It is one thing to pull up in a U Haul.  It is another thing to pull up with a Big Rig.
Our new neighbor Chris walked out his front door to go to work and (thankfully we weren't blocking his driveway) said that
You know this is Peterbilt country?
Kim...    Well, it's a Volvo and it rides real nice.
Chris....    So who drives this thing?
I point at Kim.  Thinking that I can push "all" the blame on my big sister.  It's her fault.
Chris....     I dig chicks who drive.
Come to find out he made a living driving trucks and drove a Peterbilt.
Kim hadn't heard his comment about chicks driving.  I laughed.  He is a really nice guy along with his wife PJ and daughter Emily.
 It took us just as long to unpack this thing than it did packing it.
We were all so tired and loopy. 
We all moved slower but worked just as hard.
All the kids were awesome pitching in.  Though I did find Victoria in a corner playing with Legos that had been packed away for almost two months.
My cousin Kathy, her husband Troy and their youngest son Blue drove 45 minutes from Malad, Idaho to help us unpack. They came just at the right time. We had pretty much had enough but didn't really know it until they arrived.  It gave us that last Ummph to finish.
Blue jumped right in and had the fridge out of the truck with the help of Jared and Kyle.
It was awesome to just stand there and watch these young men doing it. And not me!
Once again, the ramp that my Dad built was perfect and yes Mom, you probably could launch a rocket off it.
My Dad has these really cool clamps that he uses in welding.
I was really surprised that he entrusted these clamps with us to use to clamp the ramp to the truck.
Jared was holding one and you could just see the gears working in his head...... like.....hmmmm, what could I use this for,.......It looks like something you could measure Kaleb's head with.......hhmmmm.
Kaleb sure puts up with a lot from his big brother!

 This was the first time that Kathy and Kim saw eachother in 20 years!
It was great.  I got a chance to be around Kim for the longest time in many years with this move. 
Just another blessing!
And I get to live near my cousin Kathy after all these years.
We used to be really close when we were really little.  They spent the week with us at our house while their Mother went to work.  I loved it.
One last picture of the cousins before Kim and Kyle have to head to Wyoming to pick up a load and then back down to Phoenix by the end of the week.  It was great that Kim could cooridinate the use of the truck and have Kyle ride with her for the week while Kyle was on Fall break.
Just another blessing in this move!
Thanks Kim, we could not have done this move without you!
Love ya!
Day 2 of our new life!

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Katherine said...

My heart swells with tender feelings as I read this and looked at these beautiful photos, for your family and Kim and Kyle. The joy and happiness on everyone's faces. So many blessings coming about this past year. Family is everything and any opportunity to strengthen those bonds are ordained of God. I love all of you