Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy Snow

We had the greatest snow storm all day yesterday.
We kept expecting it to stop but it snowed for 12 hours! 
It looks like a Winter Wonderland.
 We were lovin' every  minute of it.
So there were a few things that we discovered that
we needed to equipt ourselves in this type of weather.
We have been told that Logan gets "crazy snow".
I think we need to prepare ourselves.
First, almost all of us have boots and gloves. 
So that is first on the list to fulfill when the budget allows.
Second, we need to replace and add to our snow shovel that was left behind
by the previous tenant.
I think it would go faster if we had more than
one shovel and maybe they should be a little stronger.
This one is pretty flimsy. The neighbor across the street just broke one of his this morning. 
So supposedly they don't last very long.  I guess it depends on the kind you have.
The third thing we did was visit Discount Tire in town and asked them to fix us up with some decent snow tires for the van.  Remember, we've heard Logan gets
We've been seeing this new snow tread on various trucks around town.  They didn't cost much more than your basic snow tire.  I think these will work out just fine!
We will definately not be getting stuck in the snow this winter!

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Katherine said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! Is this for real, because I will not be seen anywhere near you guys. You know there are "Red Necks"? Well there has to be a name for your kind.... You guys are funny.