Sunday, June 10, 2012

National Youth Leadership Training

 While we were at VBS all week Jared was at NYLT all week in Idaho just 35 miles north of us.
He got a wonderful opportunity and a scholarship to attend a Leadership camp for scouts who are interested in being in positions of leadership.
This troop is made of an amazing group of boys. 
The men leading the troop are wonderful role models and mentors. 
 We wanted to attend the closing ceremonies and were beside ourselves with the beautiful scenery.
The boys set up their tents right in the tall grass.
It was absolutely beautiful.
We drove down this tiny dirt road looking for Jared's gear.
We weren't sure if we could actually do such a thing....find Jared's gear.
Kaleb did an excellent job of spotting it.
 We got there just in time for the closing ceremony.
 And just in time to see this group of scouts singing A-Tuu-Ti-Taa.
They were pretty hilarious.  Especially the boys like Jared,
who absolutely hate moving to music.
The boys that were in Jared's patrol looked like a pretty fun crowd and very serious too.
On friday night all the scouts hiked up the side of the mountain and built their own lean-to to sleep in.  We loved listening to the events of the week on the way home.  We all missed him so we were really happy to have him home again.  He promptly fell asleep on the couch fully clothed.
I would say that was a good indication that he had a great week.
The video below had to be shortened and exported to lower resolution.  I couldn't get it to upload with the better quality that our camera produces.  But I am sure you will be able to see just how silly they are being. Jared is on the far left with the maroon ball cap on who is completely embarassed because his parents are in the bleachers watching and videotaping him.  He said he had fun doing it all week until there were parents watching. I love being a Mom. It makes up for all the times he embarassed me in a store with him screaming in the shopping cart and drooling.  I love it!

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