Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Bucket List, Item # 7

 We decided to take the afternoon off and enjoy the weather.
I can hardly believe that we just drove a few miles from our house
and plunged the canoe into the marsh.
We had beautiful weather in the low 80's.
I KNOW, can you believe it!?
In the 80's!
 Victoria was in seventh heaven because she got to go out
each time the paddlers switched.
 It was very peaceful and quiet.
 I found it funny that "Oil" and "Water"
set out together.
As they came around the bend, I could tell that
they were argueing. 
They waited until they were close enough that they knew
I was watching them.
Then the water started flying as they flicked the paddles
at eachother.
There were quite a few critters at the shoreline.
This frog was very noisy with his croaking.
Kaleb saw a water snake.
Lots of birds.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

How fun!!! Beautiful pictures Pam. I love canoeing. Did you canoe in those mashes that I pass on the way into Logan?