Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Garden!

 Our garden is really starting to look like the real thing.
Now that we have cleared the carpet of weeds in 5000 sq ft of space. 
 We have discovered from neighbors and friends at church that this plot of land
has a lot of weeds. And the previous gardeners did not
take the time to clear it before it went to seed.
Well, I think we have somewhat of a handle on the weeds.
We have put in over 10 hours of hoeing and pulling.  The kind that take you to your knees
to decipher which is a weed and which is a teeny seedling.
This morning I glance over and saw an older gentlemen riding his bike. 
He rode into the drive way and spent the next hour and a half helping
Kirk pull weeds in between our carrot seedlings.
This is just a smathering of what is coming up.
I took the pictures just before we watered so the top layer
of the dirt looks a little cracked.
We still have cucumbers, onion, broccoli, carrots and
something is all becoming a blur.

 Hopefully these sweet deer stay away. 
I pray that they don't find our seedlings.
The husband and wife that are staying in the house for the summer are from
Texas.  They are borrowing these three chickens from their owner
for the summer.  They sure are pretty. 
The three of them hang out together and stay close by.
Victoria and I would really like to have chickens.
Victoria was trying to convince me that we could just have one and
keep it in the backyard. It will happen sometime, just not now.
So for now we will enjoy these three.
 The horses next door are fascinated by the camera.
They want to smell it.  This one in particular loves attention and is very mouthy.
I will have to find out what her name is.
So I have to make sure that Victoria doesn't turn her back on this one.
He has been known to nip at her pony tail.
With the longer days, we have been eating dinner and then spending the remainder of daylight out doors. Not only is the weather awesome, but there is wildlife to watch.
The time spent together is priceless.

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Katherine said...

Pam I am so impressed, your veggie plants look great. It's amazing what you can accomplish with hard work and persistence. Those are beautiful chickens, I wish mine could be loose I think they would look better, but they make a huge mess in my flower bed and you know what Troy says. I sure home those deer don't find your garden either....better start looking for the special "deer repellant" that the lady left for you!!!!