Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Bucket List #23

The kids have been eager to get to the pool in town.
The Aquatic center is really nice and clean.
It was quite the busy place with the warmer temps this week.
I had to laugh though.....
The water was cold.
I couldn't get in past my middle....
I know, I'm a wimp and used to Arizona water.
We have been outside enough that the kids have
Farmer Tans.
If it were night, they would have looked like glow worms or fire flys.
I almost had to use my sunglasses to look at them.
Just kidding. In no time that will change.
We had a very relaxing day. We spent several
hours there with a cool breeze, sunny clear skies,
snow cones and a good book for me.
It felt like summer.
I feel like I finally sat in one place long enough to unwind a little
and forget about all that stuff you call life.
It was fun.

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