Sunday, June 10, 2012


Can you believe it?
I didn't take a single picture of VBS at our new church!
Well, lets see.
We had an awesome time.
There were 75 kids that participated and 50 volunteers. 
To me that is pretty amazing.
It was a small town atmosphere.
It was also the first time EVER that we ever did VBS in long pants.
It got cold two of the days.
By the third day the little preschoolers were dropping like flies
from having too much fun. Some of them were laying
all over the floor at every chance they got.
Kaleb was a crew chief for the first time and did really well with leading his group of kids that were only a few years younger than him.  Daphne and I led the preschool crafts and had fun.
I was really happy when Friday finally came. 
Summer break here we come!

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