Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Every summer I make a Summer Bucket List for myself and with the kids. 
Usually, I am so tired by the time summer hits I don't know what hit me.
And I only seem to do a few things.
Well, I have better plans this year. 
This list is going to look much different AND
I am NOT tired, exhausted, depleted, depressed or wiped out!
So lets see just how much I get checked off my list. 
 I love lists. 
 I know.....I'm wierd.
It is the organized Mom/Nurse/Teacher in me.

1. Visit my bunny Benjamin and my tortoise Alexander in Arizona. (We had to leave them behind at my Camp Nana's.  They are throughly spoiled!)
2. Finish the denim quilt I started last summer.  Just needs top stitching and binding! Whew!
3. Clean out and organize all of our school stuff.
4. Tie Dye anything white I can find.  Hmmmm. What can I find.
5. Hang up our towel hooks for the kids bathroom that we brought with us from our Phx house.
6. Take Victoria to the splash pad in Providence.
7. Go canoeing, many, many times.
8. Hike the Tony Grove trail and everywhere else, like Green Canyon.
9. Go camping even if it is an over nighter.
10. Sleep on the trampoline....the kids can do that one.
11. Sleep with the windows open ALL SUMMER LONGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. Wash all the windows. A little tricky for the upper floors.
13. Sew.
14. Sew.
15. Sew.
16. Learn to make cake pops.
17. Learn to bake bread.  Kathy, I will need your help.
18. Visit Kathy in Idaho and sleep over. 
19. Grow a weed free garden with lots of veges and melons!
20. Learn to can all the veges.
21. Have a 4th of July  BBQ.
22. Enjoy my nephew Kyle for a month when he comes to visit.
23. Go swimming.
24. Go tubing....I will have to research that one.
25. Plan out school for next year.
26. Spend time at the park with friends.
27. Have a water balloon fight.
28. See if the water slide still holds air for the 5th summer.
29. Visit with Nana and Poppa.
30. Drive Jared down to Phx so he can go on a Mission trip with our old church All Saints Lutheran Church.
31. Start an art journal.
32. Watch movies.
33. Stay up late and sleep in.
34. Get up early before anyone and exercise in peace and quiet.
35. Ride bikes.  After Kirk and the boys repair all the tires.
36. Play with friends.
37. Keep up with the dishes throughout the day.
38. Have my children speak to each other with loving, kind words. (that might take a miracle)
39. Read great books.
40. Visit our friends new snow cone shop.
41. Make snow cones, after I find the snow cone maker.
42. Kirk get a good job with medical insurance. (That will definately take a miracle!)
43. Spend time with God.
44. Sew a flower girl dress for Sundi's wedding.
45. Learn to curl Victoria's hair for the wedding.
46. Make my blog into a book.
47. Refinish our 50+ year old picnic table.
48. Repaint our metal patio chairs and table.
49. Paint the stool for Victoria's desk.
50. Build wash-out station for silk screening.
I am sure that I can easily add to it. 
So do you think this is too much for one little summer? 
I am an ambitious person at times. 
 I'm not afraid to jump in. 
I have to be willing to have the strength to live the journey that God has us on.

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Katherine said...

Wow!!!! And you probably will do every one of those. I just don't know how you will accomplish the stay up late and sleep in, that one just does not fit in with everything else.