Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Bucket List #3

Summer Bucket List #3

Like always, every summer I clean through and glean our
school cabinet, shelves, baskets....
if it has school stuff in it, it gets cleaned out. 
When we moved I thought it would be a great idea
to just put one of the numerous book shelves in the school room for the kids books. 
Well, now I remember why I requested Kirk to build a bench long ago
with baskets for each of the kids. 
It hides more.
A shelf isn't too bad of an idea for a highschooler,
and maybe not too bad of an idea for a middle schooler,
But.....a first grader?
I need to do something different for next Fall.
The proof is in the picture.
The task is always daunting each year. 
Where do we put the saved art work and papers written
and how do I quietly get the rest out the door and
filed in the big barrel without being seen.
Long ago, there was anxiety in the air when I pulled out
The Black Trash Bag.......
I'm not that secretive any more.
I would list the tactics I have, but then I would be
hinting too much if perhaps someone small were to read this. 
So I had better not do that.
So, back to the sorting through curriculum, and
digging out the curriculum that I do have, and
making the list of the curriculum and supplies I still need.
And then seeing how much of our tax return
I can snatch for school books. 
I actually love this time of year.
Planning out what we are going to be learning is exciting to me.
Especially when I actually find curriculum that works.
I love hunting for bits and pieces to write up my own plan. 
I get to be creative and organize.  I love organizing.
I get eyes rolling here when I start organizing.
And I get the brakes slammed on by certain members
of my family that they refuse to organize something their boy scout binder. 
So for now, I will spend my time cleaning up
and sorting so I can spend the remainder of the
summer kicking back and relaxing
........yeah right!

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Katherine said...

"YEAH RIGHT" right! I don't think you know how to relax, that is a foreign word to you (I'm just kidding). This will be fun to see if you accomplish that HUGE bucket list this summer.