Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cache County 4H Dog Program

The kids 4H dog club made rope toys out of old t-shirts to donate to the Cache Valley Humane Society. It was perfect timing too because employees of the Humane Society had just come back from California with a U Haul filled with 40 dogs that needed a home. The Shelters in California are over crowded so our shelter will go several times a year to help with that. Victoria fell in love instantly with several. You just want to bring them all home.
 Jill and Rachel, the leaders of the club are awesome dog experts!
They both have the biggest hearts for the kids and the dogs.
We love them.
Everyone brought treats for the dogs. There was a lot of barking and commotion when we first entered the room and then when the dogs realized they were getting treats it got really quiet. Some were even sitting waiting for their treats. Others were too scared to come get it and then warmed up to the idea. It was very sweet.

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