Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas 2016

 We decided that this year we wanted to attend the 11:00 Organ Concert at the Catholic Church.
So we played games after dinner for 4 hours and had a blast!
We discovered quickly that Poppa cheats!
And Nana is the Yahtzee expert.
It had already started snowing mid day and was still going into the night.
We are definitely having a White Christmas.
 We woke up to about 6 inches of snow and it was still coming down.
It is so beautifully silent during a snow storm.
 Everything looks so pretty dressed in white.
The chickens are snug in their hen house.
 Vacant chairs waiting to be sat in. 
Waiting for summer nights when it's too hot in the house.
 Lizzy Bean had to paw her way out of her house.
 Morning chores took longer with the excitement of Christmas and the storm....
and being to busy watching the crazy kittens jump, catching snow flakes, and tunneling in the snow.
 And crouching down in the foot prints to hide and pounce on the next snowflake.
 Lizzy came out for her Christmas Cookie and then quickly ran back into her house.
 I know that snowball is here somewhere!

Along with an awesome storm comes snow removal.
Kirk was getting snowed on as quickly as he was blowing it off the driveway.
We are so thankful to my Dad for handing down his snow blower.

Future Santa!
And quite handsome too....
Sammy.....Let me in, it's cold out here!
The kittens had their Christmas Eve Party after we went to bed.
 Now....we can sit down and enjoy family time opening our gifts.
This is always so exciting to give those gifts that took lots of time to pick out the perfect one.
We kept gift giving to a minimum because we have some house repairs to do this year.
Gift giving became focused, unique and special.
 Kaleb is ready to catch those fish!
I vote to wait for warmer weather!
Look! a goofy girl in a box.
Victoria is always spotting the Ford F350 Super duty pick up trucks and saying that she wants one to transport the herd of goats that she will have one day. The boys keep trying to bring her back to reality by talking to her about gas mileage etc...
So, guess who got a Ford Pick up F150 RC truck!
We are hoping that this will fill her up with her need for a truck and keep her from looking at the boy driving the trucks around least for a little while longer.
Christmas was once putting together little matching outfits for the kids, keeping them awake and quiet through Christmas Eve service, sneaking out to help Father Christmas, and shopping for presents with the kids present and them not even noticing.
Now, Christmas was about, wear something clean, make sure you wrap your presents before Christmas morning okay?, sliding on the ice in the church parking lot at midnight, Santa's a little late this year...don't come out yet, and being forever grateful that we are all home at the same time to love and cherish every single moment knowing that our family is growing older and that some day very soon it will keep getting more difficult to be together at the right time.
I look at Kirk and I still feeling young but looking older as the days go by thinking that some day we will be home alone. So for now I cherish the noise, the chatter, kids yelling at whoever is in the bathroom to get out, the long legs stretched out and crossed blocking the only path in the kitchen, the boys who eat half the food in the cupboards and fridge while dinner is being prepared, and turning in for the night at the end of a long day only to hear crazy laughter and something thumping the wall downstairs. 
We have the most awesome family that God has blessed us with over and over and over.

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