Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Knee Deep and more....

 It's kind of neat, during the snow season it is much easier to track the habits of the deer, or the kitties, and even the dogs. We even saw that a deer walked inches along the side of the house.
 Poor Lizzy was stuck in her house. She was even refusing to come out for an animal cookie...her favorite! And then we discovered that her gate was frozen shut so Victoria had to climb over the fence to dig her out. The snow was deeper than her little was almost up to her chin.
 Lizzy smiling.
 We were trying to get the dogs to come up the path a little further. They wouldn't. They are trained to stay closer to the house so they were too afraid to come any closer.
 It was cute, Thunder wouldn't go around Sammy. She was waiting patiently for him to keep moving and basically get out of the way. She loves to race up and down the path, chasing little snow balls or snowflakes.
 Lightning found a spot under the slide to take a breather from pouncing through the snow. He followed me, jumping from one step to another.
 He is so light that he didn't sink too terribly. He ducked underneath the pine tree to inspect the nice little spot that the deer have been sleeping in. The other morning we spotted three under the tree.
 This is a nice, cozy little spot.
Thunder spy hopping.

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