Saturday, January 7, 2017


I hate the blue walls!
And the paneling!
And the ugly vinyl floor!
 Do you ever have that moment when you kind of pull on a piece of molding that is partially pulled away from the wall and it falls off then you kind of take a cats claw and pull just one piece of disgusting looking paneling painted blue with waverly fabric squares framed in ugly brown molding away from the wall to reveal the 1930's wall paper that was probably covered over the in the 50's that is now holding disentegrated plaster behind it that some has fallen off to expose huge gaping holes in the then you end up taking it all down, which leads to removing the ugly stupid cabinet covering a you chip the plaster off the chiminey and then discover that there is a useless beam on the ceiling for no reason at all held up by a single 2x4? And then you pull up the vinyl floor, then the particle board under that, and then chip off the linoleum tile to expose tar that and some kind of mastic that was put right over top of the wood floor. So you have to drag out the steamer and scrape this gooey mess off the wood which only really comes off in certain places leaving a mess that will probably have to be sanded off in others. Do you ever have that moment when you start something and then think.....
Oh My Gosh! What have I done?
And then you have to text a picture to your husband at work, kind of like a warning as to what is going on at home saying....something happened, I just walked into the room and the everything started flying off the walls!

The really fun part is having two boys who love to do demolition as much as I do!
It was fun, but overwhelming, exciting but taxing, and worth the 9 days it took to partially finish.
We still have electrical plugs to move, replace, a light and fan to install, and more to take down as soon as we figure out to why it is there in the first place.
It is awesome having a carpenter son who can help us prioritize and decipher.

 Happy New Years!

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