Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy New Year!

It was a dark and stormy day.....
What better way to bring in the New Year!
Snowshoeing in Temple Fork
 We could see a storm blowing in....and feel it too, of course.
Good thing I had three layers of pants on and about four layers on top!
 We figured if we got stuck in a blizzard that we could use Daphne's scarf to signal for help.
You can spot that pink a mile away. It is amazing how beautiful the landscape is and then a flash of pink!
 I never noticed how up hill this path was until we snowshoed it.
 Our extremist wilderness survival guys.
When these guys were little we would go on adventures hiking places in Arizona. I always was concerned that we didn't go too far and hurt ourselves too much. I didn't want to turn off their love for the great outdoors by their mother traipsing them all over the desert. Plus, I was worried about getting ourselves into something that I was responsible for. How would I take care of them all if I were the only adult. Now, I don't worry about that part. I rely on Kaleb to pack the kitchen sink in his day pack. I know these guys have enough experience that I trust them. My little guys....that are taller than me!
 Daphne and I saw these natural tunnels that the river was appearing and disappearing into. Some places the water was so slushy it barely made a sound.
 Break time.....drag out the snacks.
 We also figured that we could just wave Victoria with her jacket on if we got lost.
You can spot this girl a MILE away!
Our Wilderness Extremist. 
A true Eagle Scout.....always prepared!
I guess she got tired. 
I came upon her just taking a rest in the pile of snow.
There were many areas that if we didn't have on snow shoes we would have sunk up to our thighs in snow. Just as we were turning around to go back, the storm caught up with us and blew us all the way back to the van. We were covered in snow. It was awesome!
Of course, when we got back into cell phone range....Nana had called us three times to warn us of the approaching storm and figured of all places that we were in the canyon in the middle of it.
Yep we were, which is why we had given her our plan.
Always gotta be safe in the winter around here!

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