Saturday, January 7, 2017

January 2017

This year is already proving to be wonderful in every way...even with it's challenges of -22 degrees weather. These goats have taught Victoria so much about responsibility.
Kaleb will come in to give Victoria a message if he gets outside before her. He will tell her that Jacks and Lizzy wanted him to tell her.....and then he will Baa really loud in sentence form like they are speaking sentences. It is actually really funny. You gotta love Kaleb and his funny character.
 Beau is quite a character too. He was playing in the snow. He also figured out that the electrical tape to keep him and Jacks from cutting each others hair wasn't working. He kept resting his chin on the tape. 
 Lizzy will only come out if I have something in my pocket for her.
She came out for animal cookies.
 A sign that our children are grown....the snow remains pristine on the slide. I'll have to find some little boys to come over and tromp all over it.

 The kids are doing snow removal for two houses which can be a lot of work with the length of their driveways.
 Taking time out for a little fun. Though I almost got the van stuck. The kids almost had to get out and push. We got out though. I wasn't worried. Kirk found out and was instantly worried.
Awwww. it was fun!
 Though sledding in -10 degree weather isn't really that fun.
 It was cold enough to shatter another plastic sled.....which is why we have metal saucers and foam ones too, like boogie boards.
 Our daily visitor
 Making the rounds, checking on the bird feeders.
 Looking at his markings and the surrounding foliage just confirms how awesome God's design for camouflage really is.....

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