Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Year's Project

 It took Kaleb, Jared and I 10 days to strip paneling off the walls, re-plaster, paint the ceiling (compliments of Kirk),  paint this beautiful amber moon, and strip two layers of linoleum and tar off the wood floor.
 We have uncovered two chimineys and vents to the upstairs in the process. 
One is still covered in plaster.
 We are still trying to figure out why this beam is along the ceiling when it doesn't support anything.
We confirmed that there was a bedroom once next to the dining room. There were remnants of the old closet, the door way and an old hearth where the old wood stove sat.
 I'm happy to have the old linoleum removed but now we have remnants of tar on the floor that will need to be sanded. We steamed and scraped as much as we could get off.
I'm sure eventually, when it is all refinished, it will be beautiful.
 I am so pleased to have nice clean walls.
I can't believe how dark it was in this room before.
Now it is sunny and bright like my favorite season....summer!
 Kirk is working on moving electrical plugs up and secured so eventually when we get the walls and the floors finished we might have base boards again.
For is a work in progress!

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