Saturday, February 26, 2011

100 Days of School

There are so many fun things to do when you are in Kindergarten.
I love this age. There are so many "firsts".
Learning feels new to Victoria even though she has been learning
and doing school for quite a few years now.
There are so many accomplishments and achieving milestones.
Victoria feels like a "big kid". Which is very important to be a big kid.
It is hard sometimes to help her be satisfied being a little kid who can do big kid things.
Well, we celebrated 100 days of school...a little late due to my work schedule
and over a week of a house full of sickies.
It was fun preparing for the day. She counted and grouped so many "things". Kaleb was constantly finding more things to count. She counted pom poms, glass rocks, pebbles, shells, fishy crackers, pretzels, fruit loops (which we discovered doesn't mesh well with her already active personality).
It was fun watching her weigh the items to see which ones weighed more,
or how many bags would equal the weight of a few others.
The gears were working and she was very proud of herself and her discoveries.
She also discovered that 100 piece puzzles really aren't as hard
as they once were. Now she is putting puzzles together right and left.
Everytime I turn around there is a completed puzzle on the table
in the midst of the school books.
I remember when the other kids discovered the same thing.
It is hard to believe that my baby is at that same milestone.
Jared helped me hide garage sale stickers numbered one to one hundred on them all around the house. We couldn't find number 98 for about three days.
Of course it was in a very obvious place that we had looked several times on the book case. I thought for sure that he hid it in some abnormal remote place of the world.
With Jared you never know.
Well, it took her half the day to find 99 of the stickers and place them on a hundred numbers chart in their proper place. Great learning activity. Kept her busy.
We discovered this book "The Wolf's Chicken Stew". The wolf decides to try to fatten up a chicken by making her 100 pancakes, 100 donuts, and a 100 pound cake. When he decided it was time to snatch his fat chicken he discovered that she had 100 chicks who ate all the goodies. They loved him for making all the goodies so he befriended them.
It was really cute.
Kirk helped Victoria make 99 little pancakes and 1 huge pancake to make 100.
The boys had not a single problem helping eat all those pancakes. They loved that they were bite sized. No cutting needed.

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Katherine said...

What a great idea. Did she do all of that in what day? Busy little girl and how fun for everyone to be involved. I love the book. Great job Pam. When you finish graduating Victoria you and Kirk need to celebrate your great achievement. with a cruise or something very fun just for the two of you