Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy birthday Jared!

Jared is 15!!!
I love this picture of him.
It is hard sometimes to catch him
genuinely smiling.
I love it!
He is a really great kid. He is growing into a really nice young man. I can't wait to see who he becomes. When he was little his favorite thing to say was
"God don't make junk".
His favorite song that he would sing over and over again was... "stand on the rock, for the word of God" and he would stomp his foot down on the ground like he was stomping a rock.
He would laugh hysterically over a
"blue footed booby".
It just struck him funny and would end up making all of us laugh with him.
When he was a toddler in the church nursery he would step on the crawling babies backs and push them to the ground like little bugs to watch them get back up on all fours to crawl again. ( I didn't know about that one for quite a while. ) He pretty much made us unwelcome in a Mommy's group because he loved to make dirt clouds by scuffing his feet. I guess the other Mothers didn't like that their children getting dirty. I couldn't make him stop. He was deeply facinated by the rising dust in the air. I learned to tolerate dirt. Now he is a clean, responsible, dependable guy who people enjoy being around. He doesn't have a dust cloud hanging around him anymore but if something is going to fall off the counter or break I can guarantee you that he is pretty close by with that look of "how the heck did that happen...I wasn't even near it!"

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Katherine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED! Wow, you are growing up, and so handsome too. Hope you had a fabulous day. You have a beautiful smile Jared, your going to knock the girls dead with it.