Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I love the thought of Valentine's Day, a day to let your loved ones know that you... love them. Ours are never romantic in any way. There are no rose petals scattered on the bed or candles lit. Not when there are two dogs who get wound up and start wrestling when you try to hug your husband. It isn't going to happen when there are 6 people in a 1500 sq foot living space including storage. Heck, I can't even close myself in the closet for alone time without being found, what makes one think that Kirk and I can have a conversation let alone a complete thought without the background ambiance of nerf wars with machine gun fire or screaming in a single breath as to why so and so feels "wronged". I love my family. No matter how loud they get.
So for us Valentine's day is a visual display of true realistic love. The kind of love that you give and get unconditionally. The kind of love that sacrifices and endures. A love that forgives no matter what.
Our morning was kept busy sorting candy hearts. We read a book from Church that was about St. Valentine's life and how the whole valentine card came about. I appliqued the ladybug on Victoria's shirt. I had seen a similar shirt in a window at Gymboree and guessed that it would be way too expensive to even set foot in the store and look at the price tag so we made our own. It even has glittery spots. Oooh. This was delivered to our front door sent by Kirk's youngest brothers family, Josh, Jolie, Justin and Paige. We have never received anything like it and loved every bit of it. It was so cute and clever how the pineapple flowers were made. It tasted amazeing especially the chocolate covered strawberries. The kids were counting out the slices so everyone had a fair share. Don't tell, but I snuck a couple extra pieces when no one was looking. I couldn't resist, the melon was so juicy. What better way to enjoy life...through comfort food. Chicken pot pie can make any day awesome. Especially with store bought biscuits. I felt my family deserved something sweet too so we ate homemade brownies for dessert.

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Katherine said...

Well, you had a better attitude about Valentine's Day than I did. I wasn't feeling the love that day, any kind. I have always wondered how those fruit baskets tasted and looked in person. That was way awesome of them. The Pot Pie looked fabulous and delicious. I had plans to cook a really nice dinner and special dessert, but too tired and talked myself out of it, soup and bread.