Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue and Gold Dinner

Kaleb has been Lone Scouting for quite a few years. He just recently joined a den for the next couple months before moving into Jared's Boy Scout Troop.
So he had his first Blue and Gold dinner.
That was very interesting. I could write a book but I won't.
Anyway, they had a Dad and Son cake baking contest. I loved that I didn't have to do any part of it. How awesome is that. Kaleb wanted to make his dragon cake again (I think theirs turned out better than the one I made) but the theme was "Innovations". They were also to make a Lego creation of some invention of some sort. Well, the first Outdoor Bar-B-Que was a little bit of a stretch. Not very technical. But it was darn creative and cute.
I don't think the judges "got it" but everyone else thought it was the best cake. You could barely tell what the other cakes were. They probably thought a professional made it. But then again they don't know our family. A bunch of creative over-achievers.
I thought the Bar-B-Que was an excellent addition to the cake.
Very creative.Kaleb led us all in the flag ceremony and
the pledge of allegiance "Under God"! thank you very much! He also received his arrow of light award and a cool arrow that the Dad's wrapped with colored thread. Jared kind of left that out of the picture.
So I will have to get it later.
It turned out pretty neat.

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Carol said...

What a great family you guys are.