Friday, February 18, 2011

Tye-dyed Fort

Jared helped Victoria and Kaleb build a really cool fort in the living room between the couch and the piano with a king size sheet. It was the most sturdy fort built in a really long time. It was up for two days before they decided to sleep in it. I even found Jared hiding in it reading his Biology book.
The night that Kaleb and Victoria slept in it only lasted to 3 a.m. I awoke to Kaleb and Victoria standing beside our bed telling me that he was stung by a bug in the fort. Kirk and I immediately thought of a scorpion so we jumped out of bed and got flashlights and turned all the lights on in the living room while I inspected Kaleb's ankle where this scorpion supposedly stung him. I didn't see a red spot even though he said that it hurt and burned and itched. Hmmm, okay.... we sent them to bed while Kirk and I began searching their fort. Okay, there was so much "stuff" in there how were we to ever find this scorpion. Last time Kirk was stung we searched for an hour and found it 2 days later. So the chances of finding this thing was looking pretty slim. We had to remove each stuffed animal, blanket, nerf gun and shake it completely and put it in a pile. We realized that there were two nerf guns right where Kaleb's feet would have been and decided that he probably bumped a sharp piece of plastic poking his ankle making him think that a bug stung him in his sleep. This coming from the very boy that still freaks out over knives and getting his nails trimmed. And if you really want to see a drama production just try to remove a splinter from his hand. So after a half hour we gave up and concluded in the morning that since there was no mark on his ankle and that he actually fell asleep minutes after sending him to bed, that it was safe to say it was a false alarm. Whew. I hate scorpions.

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Katherine said...

Creepy, I couldn't imagine having scorpions in my house. We have an ant problem right now, and we are kind of use to them. But when I made rice crispies for my little girls and they found an ant on one they freaked out, so embarrassing. I cannot believe Victoria's hair, it is so dang long, holy cow. I love reading your posts, they are so funny.