Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arctic Exploration

I love Kindergarten.
Victoria has been learning about the Arctic and the difference
between the Arctic and Antarctica.
She did a lapbook on Polar Bears and read one of our all time favorite story
The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett.
It is pretty much the story of Goldilocks but with Polar Bears.
In her lapbook she made a comparison between the two books using a venn diagram.
We did an experiment using vegetable shortening where you coat a ziplock bag with it and then cover it with another bag. You then put your hand into the "blubber" bag and stick it into ice water to see how long you can tolerate the freezing water. It was worth seeing the look on her face when she discovered why arctic animals have a layer of blubber under their fur.
We had to put all of this left over styrofoam to good use so Jared helped Victoria build an Arctic habitat complete with a penguin slide and seal blow holes...or what ever you call them.

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Katherine said...

WOW! I love it. I am so glad that you took detailed pictures of the different seals. That is great. It looks very realistic, great job Kaleb.