Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arctic Animals

It started off that only Victoria was going to make little arctic animals with styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners. Then Kaleb came in to see what we were doing and he was inspired. Then Daphne came out to see what was going on so she sat down and made a snowy owl. Then Jared...was hungry so he stopped by on the way to the kitchen and was inspired as well by these little creatures. I think he made an arctic fox which Sammy later chewed to bits. Darn dog! I am always so happy when all four of my kids come together and share their time with eachother. It is hard sometimes to actually think up something that will interest the wide range of ages. I didn't even have to try. It just happened and I am so thankful that they had an opportunity to just be together. I loved sitting back and watching them work, chat and laugh. I was pretty pleased that all of them were engaged with a simple craft that brought them together.

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Katherine said...

If they only knew the joy it brings to our hearts when our children enjoy one another and even at times show love to each other. PRICELESS!