Friday, February 18, 2011


I found this really neat kaleidoscope project that took up a single piece of tag board here. The project used the kids names in both English and written in Arabic. We had Dad make us a perfectly accurate triangular template on the computer. Because you know, it has to be done right. We couldn't just use a ruler like the rest of the population. SO anyway, the kids added their name somewhere if they wanted to along with their design on one piece and copied it eight times. They got new markers for Christmas so this was a perfect project to display the array of beautiful colors. It was fun. Of course Daphne took the assignment to a higher level.I don't even think I would have come up with what she did. This was a great assignment because it was achieveable by all age levels. I even got to help. Coloring is very relaxing. I am sure that you can figure out who's who. The completed circle is 22 in across.

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Katherine said...

How fun! I went to the Logan Farmers Market last year while Blue took his SAT test (remember that day) and there was a women who draws pictures that you can purchase to color in. She designs them into posters of all sizes, books, and calendars. I would love to get one just to color them in. Very creative kids, I love them.