Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Cooking Show

Victoria loves the Cooking Show. I think she likes the whole idea of mixing and stirring all the ingredients together. When she plays the Cooking Show she will even talk like Rachel Ray or Sara Lee. I am really hoping that as she continues to grow I may be able to hand over the wooden spoon and have her cook our meals. I's hopeful. It is okay to wish for these things. Anyway...I was making dinner and Daphne came into the kitchen and said "You might want to see what Victoria is doing in the living room". That is always cause for concern. This is what I found her doing. She was sitting at the coffee table dressed in her nurse in training scrubs watching Rachel Ray. She emptied half a bottle of salad dressing into a bowl with carrots. She was mixing(of course) and spooning the coated carrots into another bowl. When I asked her what she was up to she said with a huge smile on her face..."I'm doin the cookin show...I'm doin it with her!" I have to admit, she wasn't making a mess. It was all well contained. It could have been worse. Now she did empty half a bottle of salad the livingroom! I picked my battle and told her that she needs to do that stuff in the kitchen and not waste food. She said "okay".


Carol said...

Tori is a great kid. I love her.

Katherine said...

Victoria needs an easy bake oven. I always wanted Sundi to cook with me but she never would. I think I made her paranoid of messing up.