Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Alexander

Our oldest child! Look who's 20!! Alex was hatched 20 years ago. He was a wee flat pancake of a tortoise living in an aquarium. Look at him now. He is quite the social guy. He comes out of his house when the kids come out to play or if you have to dig a hole for irrigation he will surely inspect it. When he was a baby he became most active when I vacuumed the carpet. And he always seems to know where I am standing in a group of feet. He will seek my toes out and then settle at my feet. He has also been known to settle next to you if you are laying on a blanket in the yard and even crawl over your back. He has been known to come right in the back door with splayed legs on the wood floor since he can't get any traction. The most annoying thing he does is get in the way when we are trying to mow the lawn. We have to put him on our little side yard which then he gets himself wedged inside the shed in the most remote place that he could possibly find. No use scolding him. He is so cute, don't you think so too?


Katherine said...

Alexander is awesome! Happy Birthday!

Carol said...

Yes. I do. I remember the cage you built for him. I can't believe that is the same tortise. Happy Birthday. Animals are so amazing.