Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Friendly Visitor

This little gecko snuck through the door last night and ran up the wall onto the clock. They hang out over our doorways outside. One fell onto my shoulder once. Anyway, we had a heck of a time catching this little guy. I was standing on a chair being brave, it is only a lizard after all. The crazy thing jumped onto my hand...I jumped onto the floor...Victoria and Kaleb screamed...the lizard dissappeared under the table. It took 15 minutes and 3 flashlights under the table to find this little guy. Daphne to the rescue. This time Kirk caught him. No screaming there. He is now safe back outside catching bugs over our door way once again.


Carol said...

Pam you tell the stores so well. I was laughing while reading about it. Good job.

Katherine said...

Cool, I didn't know you had geckos all around your house like that. Yes, you are good writer.