Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little People Co-op

We had our first Little People Co-op on Mon. My friend Kelly and I are on round two of our co-op days. The first co-op we used to do involved our older kids. But now that she has graduated one out of High School and her next and Daphne are Sophmores it is harder working the schedules. So last year we started over with our younger ones. The Little People. The theme was Hermit Crabs. Here is a picture of Rusty whom we borrowed from my mother. Long story as to how she acquired two hermit crabs. Anyway, they were a great asset to our unit study on Hermit Crabs. They enjoyed walking among the crayons and pencils and paper. They didn't like glue sticks though. Must have smelled too strong.
They made these cute lobsters out of canned pears and peaches. Kelly is really good at creating something out of food. Our children have been blessed over the years with making creations out of edible supplies. The table cloth makes it look like we are at a clam bake.


Carol said...

You create such fun stuff to do. You are amazing. The kids are so cute.

Katherine said...

Cute, Cute... The crabs and the kid's faces.