Friday, September 5, 2008

Roller Queen

Victoria and Daddy found these cute Barbie roller skates at the thrift store for $4. Of course she had to try them out. Kirk was thinking that he was going to have to hold her up but she put them on and started skating around the store looking for me. Daddy and I were very impressed. I am really the only one who can roller skate in our house. I think they got all of their Dad's genes when it comes to skating. I am very excited to have someone know how to skate. So anyway, every time we turn around, Victoria has these skates on. She eats breakfast in them, she did school in them... Notice the frilly socks turned up. She claims that they "go with everything". Which I guess gives her the excuse to be constantly wearing them.


Stephenson said...

I'll have to bring Rachel over and they can roll around the neighborhood together. Hey, a homeschool roller derby team...hee.hee.

Katherine said...

I love Victoria's legs! They are so cute.