Saturday, September 20, 2008


Murphy is the largest dog we know. He is a huge Goldendoodle. Kelly's family adopted him when he was a little smaller. The girls still think that they can ride him like a pony. When he lays on the floor there isn't much space left. He is only two years old too. Imagine a bundle of energy running through the house at his size. He is great though. We all love him. He has been known to eat items of clothing too. Large items of clothing. And he loves cotton balls. He and Henry rough house when they are together. We can only get them together when the weather is cooler though because they play so hard we don't want them to get over heated. It is quite a scene with him being so big though. Henry will jump up and push off of Murphy's chest then roll down between his legs. Murphy reminds me of Clifford the big red dog.


Carol said...

He looks adorable. I love that dog.

Katherine said...

I could not imagine having Murphy in the house, but those big dogs are so fun and lovable.