Saturday, September 20, 2008

Toby Cat

Toby is a huge cat. He is 12 now but even when he was a kitten he was huge. He and Jared were buddies growing up. There was one time Jared was teasing him. He was about 10 months old at the time. He was crawling after Toby bugging him. All of a sudden he comes crawling back into the room really fast with Toby riding on his back. Nails and all. I wish I had a picture. It was priceless. Anyway, Toby always has this look on his face. He always looks so tough and he is the biggest fraidy cat we have ever known.


Carol said...

You go Toby.....That picture would have been priceless.

Katherine said...

That face is hilarious. I love cats. I would always bring them home when I was little, I still do. We have 3 now. I love going out into the yard and the cats hanging out with me.