Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School's time to start school again. Summer just wasn't long enough. The kids were ready but Mom could have had another month...or so. This was Kaleb's idea to stand in order. We take pictures every year in the same place. The kids really enjoy seeing how much they grow year to year. Victoria is a little taller in the picture. She is wearing roller skates. Daphne is 10th grade, Jared is 7th grade, Kaleb is 3rd grade, Victoria is very proud to be a Preschooler and Mom is on the leading edge of being a master-mind of the fine art of Multi-tasking. Whew!


Katherine said...

Very good idea Kaleb. That is great that you take "Beginning of School Year" pictures. I think that would be fun for you to post them so we can all see the changes.

Carol said...

The kids looks so happy. You and Kirk are such great parents.